CE marking: how we ensure our industrial automations are completely safe

An important procedure for most products marketed within the European Union

The CE marking indicates that a product complies with all the safety, health and environmental protection requirements established by the aforementioned European Directive. Our company is specialised in the construction of industrial automation systems and we guarantee compliance for all of them.

The CE marking process: from the Noise Emissions Test to Electrical Panel compliance

The regulation requires various aspects to be tested and passed. These include the noise level test, the conformity of the electrical panel and everything related to accident prevention, as well as preparing the technical documentation required by the regulation.

  • Noise emissions test: this is required in order to make sure that the level of noise emitted by the machine is within the maximum thresholds permitted by the regulation;
  • electrical panel compliance: it is essential to make sure that the electrical systems are in line with the requirements of European safety standards;
  • accident prevention: a risk analysis has to be carried out to assess any hazards that may be associated with using the machines, in order to identify and classify possible risks to the operators and therefore establish any safety measures that may have to be adopted to prevent them;
  • technical documentation: it is mandatory to prepare all the information that is supplied and that certifies the product, such as the risk assessment and the declaration of conformity, as well as the use, installation and maintenance manual. All documentation is then drawn up in at least one of the official languages of the European Community. Our specialized department offers an editorial service in Italian, English and Spanish.