Customised industrial automation solutions

We have been involved in developing industrial automation systems, designed to the specific requirements of each customer for over fifty years. The extensive experience and expertise of our technicians allow us to provide advanced and highly customized technological solutions to meet the requirements of various sectors.

Multi-sector specialization in industrial automation

Over the years, also thanks to the different types of automation we have made and the customers we have worked with, we have become specialized in several major target sectors:

  • medical and biomedical: in this field, we create automations that are used for the production and assembly of medical devices, for example diagnostic kits, or sterile packs;
  • pharmaceuticals: for this sector, we make customized solutions for the production of pharmaceutical products, such as packaging (blister packs, bottles, vials etc.);
  • cosmetics: we are able to create customised automations for the production and assembly of packaging for cosmetic products, such as detergents, creams or lotions;
  • food: we provide quality packaging and labelling solutions, in compliance with the high standards required by the sector.