Die-sinking EDM for precision machining

Die-sinking EDM () is a technology used in precision mechanics and can be used for numerous industrial sectors. In particular, die-sinking EDM has brought significant changes to the way in which some components are made, especially in the mould-making sector. This technology works by removing material using reoccurring electrical spark discharges between the component and the electrode.

Die-sinking EDM: the solution offered by Pi Effe Tre

At Pi Effe Tre, we can carry out continuous 4-axis die-sinking EDM using machines made by GF Machining Solutions. One or more copper or graphite electrodes erode the piece being processed through controlled electrical spark discharges. This allows extremely detailed cavities to be created on any type of conductive material, making it possible to produce geometries that would otherwise not be possible using traditional chip removal machining methods.