How we guarantee full patent protection

As a company, we provide our customers with comprehensive solutions: every stage, from design to production and certification, takes place in-house. This approach allows us to reduce intermediate costs and to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of the patents of the companies that choose to entrust their project to us.

In-house management from A to Z

We fully understand that the companies we work with need to maintain absolute confidentiality of their patents, which is why we guarantee our customers complete control over every stage of the production process. In-house design also allows us to maximise the efficiency, performance and reliability of each component made by our company.

Another important advantage is cost reduction. The fact that every single aspect is managed exclusively by Pi Effe Tre, from the processing of materials to the management of the software and electronic circuits, allows us to avoid intermediate steps and, consequently, reduce production costs, thereby offering customers high quality solutions, but at competitive prices.