Quality Control Certification of mechanical parts and components

All components and mechanical parts manufactured by Pi Effe Tre come with a Quality Certificate. This ensures that our customers always receive products of the highest quality and maximum efficiency.

The precision machining quality control procedure

The certificate we give to our customers involves successfully passing several steps, which may vary according to the type of mechanical component produced.

The tests carried out in-house to assess quality include:

  • dimensional inspection report: this assesses the conformity of the product, i.e. that it complies with the dimensional characteristics requested by the customer;
  • raw materials certification: this ensures that the materials meet the customer’s requirements. In other words, they are certified in terms of chemical composition, mechanical properties and other relevant characteristics according to the type of material;
  • heat treatment conformity: when required, this certifies that the mechanical component has been correctly heat-treated, i.e. guaranteeing that it has been treated at suitable temperatures and for the right amount of time: this is vital for ensuring the strength and maximum service life of the product.
  • surface treatment validation: if the component undergoes surface treatment, which is useful for protecting it against wear or corrosion, as well as maintaining its aesthetics, the product is inspected to make sure the treatment has been carried out correctly, according to the customer’s specifications;
  • non-destructive testing: if required, this involves carrying out a series of inspections, tests and measurements to detect defects in the components or materials. These tests are carried out without causing damage to the original part.