Pi Effe Tre: how we work with the customer

At Pi Effe Tre, we are specialised in precision machining and industrial automation systems. A collaborative approach with the customer is essential for our work: every step of the process involves listening to the customer and ensuring a continuous exchange of ideas, so that we can work in complete synergy, thereby obtaining the best solution, which is tailored to their needs.

The steps involved in working with the customer: professionalism, transparency and confidentiality

Let’s take a closer look at the various stages involved:

  • first contact with the customer and gathering requirements information: during this initial stage, our team of professionals use their experience and expertise to fully understand the needs and the challenges that the customer wishes to overcome by working with us.
    After having gathered the requirements, we then enter a crucial step of the process. We work closely with the customer, holding meetings and keeping in regular contact with them, to establish the technical specifications, functional requirements and preferences, as well as the available budget. This allows us to define the project parameters in detail and thus start the development process;
  • detailed proposal presentation: we use advanced design tools to illustrate the proposed solution to the customer, which has been created and custom-designed according to their requirements. We also provide an indication of the expected implementation times and a cost estimate;
  • the manufacturing stage: once the customer has given their approval, our skilled technicians implement the project using our in-house machine shop, which can carry out various types of precision machining ranging from CNC milling to wire EDM, from CNC turning to die-sinking EDM.
  • quality certification and CE marking: for precision machining, we provide a Quality Certificate, while for automation systems we guarantee CE conformity, following every step of the required procedure for both.
    The company is also certified according to ISO 9001;
  • delivery: the products are delivered to the customer, as requested. As regards industrial automation systems, Pi Effe Tre also guarantees an after-sales service which includes maintenance and technical support.